As supporters of the UN Global Compact since 2015, we have sought to provide a universal and practical framework for our operations around the world. Our aim has been to ensure that our business strategy is intrinsically aligned with social responsibility, creating tangible value not only for profit but for society and the planet as a triple bottom line.

As part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we have submitted our annual Communication on Progress for 2017, which reports on our advancements in fulfilling and integrating the 10 principles of the Global Compact into our business strategy, in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. Some of our top achievements are:


1.- The expansion and successful development of our agricultural projects due to the use of sustainable practices and environmentally friendly technologies.

2.- Sustainable Environment Partnership, a joint venture involving Unique, Primal Group, Primordiales, and ViTA. An initiative to evolve a sustainable future through ensuring that social responsibility and environmental restoration remain at the forefront of our global resource-supply chain.

3.- The Zero Carbon Footprint Plan, a strategy designed to reduce our carbon footprint and transition to renewable energies.


To learn more about our accomplishments, please download our Annual Communication on Progress: